Georges Raillard

I was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1957. There I completed primary and secondary studies, and a university degree
in foreign languages. From 1983 to 2001 I lived in Madrid as a teacher, translator and writer.
Since 2001 I have lived mainly in Basel.

In German, I have published short stories, articles and reviews in magazines and anthologies in German-speaking countries.

Hirnströme eines Stubenhockers und anderes Erzählgut [Brain Currents of a Homebody and Other Stories], Cologne 1994;
Das Wort und der Schrei (Erzählungen) [A Word and a Shout (stories)], Cologne 1997;
Herr Monza oder Herr Monza (51 Geschichten) [Mr. Monza or Mr. Monza (51 stories)], Cologne 2002.
All published by edition sisyphos
Der Lauf des Amazonas (Geschichten) [The Course of the Amazon (stories)], Norderstedt 2009;
Aus dem Hintergrund Chorgesang und anderes Erzählen [Choral Singing from the Background and Other Narrative], Norderstedt 2013.
Both published by Books on Demand.

From 1973 to 1978 I took private classes on classical guitar and composition with Elfin F. Vogel,
New York. Since 1974 I have regularly composed pieces for guitar.